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CG CORPORATION LTD. is a joint-venture company between C.P. LAND PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED, which is a real estate developer with 7 business units such as Office Building, Real Estate for living, Hotel, building facility Management, Conference and Exhibition, Energy Management and the last but not least Industrial Estate, and Large-scaled Infrastructural enterprise from Nanning named Guang Xi Construction Engineering Group. Two company Cooperation aims to encourage Thailand’s investment with high innovation and future generation industry. Moreover, CPGC Industrial Estate has been enhanced in order to support high value investment and thriving your business with international standard services such as Water Supply, Waste Water Treatment etc. Besides, CPGC Industrial Estate promptly and pleasantly accompanies and advises every investor thorough investment journey.

Message from the President

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CG CORPORATION LTD. is a joint-venture company between C.P. Land Public Company Limited, and Guangxi Construction Engineering Group, Large-scaled Infrastructural enterprise (state-owned enterprises from Nanning China). CG Corporation cooperation aims to encourage CPGC Industrial Estate, This CPGC Industrial Estate is cooperation with CG Corporation and I-EA-T (Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand). Moreover, CPGC Industrial Estate is designated to be one of EEC Promotional Zones and also announced a special economic zone. Targeted industry The New Growth Engine to become Thailand 4.0 according to the National Strategy. The project area is an important strategic point of transport. Export and development of major infrastructure systems in the Eastern Special Development Zone. Moreover The project is also equipped with a great infrastructure to support investors.

Not only our CPGC Industrial Estate realizes to be eco-friendly and co-exist with social sustainability, but also consider to acknowledge and develop to be high-technology potential Thai experts or specialists. We strongly believe that our CPGC Industrial Estate is able to expand and make Thai Industrial growth and be compete to international markets.

CG Corporation Co., Ltd. is dedicatedly work and committed to bring the company to be a top leading organization in developing industrial estate and providing utility services with standard quality.



Be a high quality and international standard industrial estate developer, utilities and service provider and to co-exist with the surround community in order to sustain grows with stability for the organization, society and country.




Provide property service and fulfill customer need with maximize satisfaction.


Develop high eco-technology of industrial estate service, facility management, energy and property solution to support future SMART CITY


Create a new platform of Joint-venture management to make a management, Finance and service efficiency


We take a rigorous and transparent approach with all business activities and follow with good governances.


Keeping good relationship with all major components such as business partners, stakeholders, shareholders


Create and develop skillful talents and experts to bring knowledge and creative technology in order to enhance organizational competency

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