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Post : 3 May 2023

CPGC signed a raw water purchase agreement with East Water

CG Corporation Company Limited There was a contract signing ceremony for purchasing raw water with the Eastern Water Resources Development and Management Public Company Limited or East Water to build confidence among investors in various industries. support the needs of water users in the long run In the development of the CPGC Industrial Estate Project (CPGC) in Rayong Province, the CPGC Industrial Estate is located in Map Kha Subdistrict. Nikhom Phatthana Subdistrict Nikhom Phatthana District and Nong La Lok Subdistrict Ban Khai District, Rayong Province, on an area of ​​more than 3,100 rai, which East Water has the ability to provide water distribution services in the Eastern Special Development Zone or EEC.

This signing ceremony was honored by Mr. Yang Fan, Chairman , and Mr. Worawit Janethanakul, Director of CG Corporation Co., Ltd. and Mr. Cherdchai Pitiwatcharakul, President of the Management Company and Eastern Water Resources Development Public Company Limited or East Water signed the contract this time. To strengthen the stability of water sources and build confidence among investors in various industries. who want to buy land as well as to build confidence for customers of CPGC Industrial Estate (CPGC) to meet the needs of water users in the long term.

For this cooperation, it brings the expertise of East Water, who is a leader in creating stability in the management and development of the country's comprehensive water resources with smart technology. and specialists in providing integrated water services including raw water, tap water, and industrial water wastewater treatment and water reuse Together with the CPGC industrial estate that focuses on developing the area into an industrial estate for various industries such as the automotive industry of the future (A production base for electric vehicles (EV), battery industry and electric propulsion systems. Smart Electronics Industry Group Digital Industries food processing industry, etc., in order to assure investors that the CPGC industrial estate will definitely not face water shortage problems in the future.

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