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Post : 10 Apr 2019

CG Corporation, in partnership with CAS

As a cooperation in exchanging and developing knowledge in innovation, science, and China to enhance the medical industry with "advanced technology with high quality, high value" together to drive the development of high CAS - TECH INDUSTRIAL ZONE (THAILAND) to focus on creating talented personnel according to the needs of industry groups that will drive the economy in line with Thailand 4.0 policy, including beliefs. With the concept of a belt road.

With representatives from agencies led by Mr. Somkiat Ruanthongdee, Executive Director, Khun Kanthitiripas, Managing Director and Mr. Yang Fan, Deputy Managing Director of CG Corporation, Khun Jiang Kuai Director of the Office of Innovation and Cooperation Graduate Institute of Science of the People's Republic of China in Thailand And together, together opened the CAS HIGH-TECH INDUSTRIAL ZONE (THAILAND) signboard

In addition, CG Corporation has also signed a memorandum of cooperation in the development of knowledge, innovation and technology in medical science with the CAS Ion Medical Technology Company Limited. The leading Chinese medical device manufacturers come to invest in Thailand. To allow Thailand to move towards the center of the complete medical center of Asia

And ultimately is The signing of a memorandum of cooperation between CG Corporation and China Energy Engineering Group, Yunnan Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Energy Engineering Corporation Co., Ltd. This will lead to the development of knowledge. Techniques and techniques In terms of various energy needed to the CPGC Industrial Estate in order to develop into an eco-industrial estate and have efficient use of resources

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