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Post : 31 Oct 2023

Yangzhou Fuming New Materials Co., Ltd. Ventures into Thailand with First Project of Winmore Eco Materials Co., Ltd. In CPGC Industrial Estate

On Oct. 20, 2023, in a groundbreaking move, Yangzhou Fuming New Materials Co., Ltd., known as the pioneer of PVC flooring production in China, has commenced its first venture in Thailand through its subsidiary, Winmore Eco Materials Co., Ltd. to build manufacturing base in CPGC Industrial Estate. With a total investment of 200 million RMB, the Winmore project spans an impressive area of 93,085 square meters, with a planned construction area of 54,870 square meters, which was considered as a significant business contribution to the local Thailand economy and would further expand its footprint to serve global clients with high-quality eco-friendly materials flooring products.As we know, Winmore Eco Materials will focus on new materials PVC flooring products research, product R & D, manufacturing, and sales. The company is projected to have an annual production capacity of 6000 containers and an estimated annual sales revenue of 1 billion RMB. Furthermore, the company will continues to embrace openness and innovation, leverage the advantages of the local Thai and the rest of Southeast Asian market, to further optimize its business capacity and provide premium products to global market.As the owner of CPGC Industrial Estate, CG Corporation Co., Ltd. (CG) remains steadfast in its commitment to the development philosophy of "Quality First, Service Supreme, and Win-Win Cooperation," ensuring unwavering support and services for Winmore’s growth and success.The establishment of the Winmore Eco Materials Co., Ltd. not only marks a new chapter in the economic and trade cooperation between China and Thailand, but also strengthens the "One Family Love" concept that has been deeply rooted in the hearts of people in both countries. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1975, the relationship between China and Thailand has been consistently healthy, with fruitful cooperation in numerous fields. We firmly believe that, the growth and development of the Winmore Eco Materials Co., Ltd. will undoubtedly contribute to the deepening of the friendship between China and Thailand, creating more social benefits for the local community and becoming a globally competitive outstanding enterprise in the future.May the enduring friendship between China and Thailand flourish, and may WinmoreEco Materials Co., Ltd. continuously thrive and contribute to the vibrant development of the bilateral relationship.

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